10 Free Memory Techniques That Work

On this course, we have put together the 10 best techniques to improve your memory. The purpose of this site is to summarize the best techniques available that will help you improve your memory. These techniques really work – it’s not just hype and empty promises. These free memory lessons contain the best strategies out there and the information you need to know in order to improve your memory.

Use the menu below to go through these 10 memory techniques. You can do them in any order, and practice the tips as often as you like. The more you work at improving your memory, the quicker your progress will be.

As an additional resource for further targeted memory practice, it’s worth checking out memory improvement software like Ultimate Memory. This system uses the techniques covered in these free lessons, as well as even more in-depth approaches to improving your memory. The scientifically-designed exercises are excellent for people who don’t have much time to spare, because each aspect of the software can be used in short periods while still providing great results. Click here to check it out. The videos on this site were created by the developers of the Ultimate Memory system, and will give you an idea about the wealth of information and techniques you’ll learn using the software.

Important Note: Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements or making any changes to your diet or exercise routine.


  1. Introduction
  2. Cognitive Exercises
  3. Play Games
  4. Mnemonics
  5. Visualization
  6. Use It Instead of Devices and Tools
  7. Reduce Stress
  8. Get Enough Rest
  9. Diet
  10. Exercise
  11. Supplements
  12. Conclusion


  1. Memory Training – Even Memorize An Entire Speech
  2. Memory Improvement Techniques – Remember Words, Language, and More
  3. Increase Memory – Remember Quotes Word-For-Word!
  4. Improve Your Memory – Have a Fit Mind!
  5. Memory Techniques – Remembering Lists and More
  6. How To Improve Memory – Food For Thought
  7. Improve Memory – Avoid Memory Robbers!

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