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This course is specifically designed for people who are looking into methods for improving their memory and preventing memory loss.

Here you’ll find 10 comprehensive and well-researched lessons with easy-to-understand, simple, and proven techniques on memory improvement, along with video tutorials and links to other resources to guide you on your way towards memory improvement – all for free!

Simply click on the links below to access the lessons, videos, and other helpful sources.

The links above each lesson will also quickly take you from lesson to lesson. You can learn and practice all of these memory tips at your own pace and preferred time; each lesson and video takes 15 minutes or less. However, to get the most out of this information, we recommend you apply what you’ve learned on a daily basis.

Memory improvement and memory loss prevention is in demand more than ever. One of the reasons for this is the growing concern about the rise in dementia and other diseases affecting brain functions and our overall wellbeing. That’s why this site was designed to provide the assistance everyone needs to get the improvement in their memory and brain capacity that they’re looking for.

You’ll find that as you apply these lessons to your daily life, you’ll see the benefits of an improved memory in your personal as well as you professional life. No matter your age or circumstance, start now and enjoy the advantages of a robust mind and alert memory!



  1. Everybody Needs Memory Improvement
  2. Know the Facts: Memory and Memory Loss
  3. Improved Memory for Studies and Exams
  4. The Right Lifestyle for Memory
  5. Food for the Memory
  6. Improve Concentration to Improve Memory
  7. Remember Names and Numbers
  8. Learn New Things – A Memory Challenge
  9. More Memory Challenges
  10. Daily Memory Improvement
  11. Effects of Alcohol on Memory Loss
  12. Alcohol & Memory Loss
  13. Alcohol Consumption and Memory


  1. Memory Training – Even Memorize an Entire Speech
  2. Memory Improvement Techniques – Remember Words, Language, and More
  3. Increase Memory – Remember Quotes Word-For-Word!
  4. Improve Your Memory – Have a Fit Mind!
  5. Memory Techniques – Remembering Lists and More
  6. How To Improve Memory – Food For Thought
  7. Improve Memory – Avoid Memory Robbers!
  8. Foods for Better Memory
  9. Deeper Level of Processing for Memory Improvement
  10. Increase Your Brain Power
  11. 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Memory
  12. How to Memorize a Speech Using A Mind Map
  13. How to Memorize a To Do List
  14. How to Find Lost Objects
  15. How to Memorize Facts and Figures
  16. How to Never Forget A Name
  17. How to Improve Memory With Essential Oils

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Dementia (also called “Senility”):


This is an article providing an explanation about dementia and memory loss from Medline Plus, which is the official website of the National Institutes of Health, sponsored by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Alzheimer’s disease:


This is an article about Alzheimer’s disease, its definition, causes, symptoms and other scientific explanations.

Hippocampus Function:


This is an article explaining what the hippocampus is and how it functions, especially in relation to the processing of the memory.



This is an article providing the definition of memory, the types of memories, and how memory is processed.

Short-Term Memory:


This is an article about the short-term memory and how it is processed.

Memory Matters:


This is an article series from Kids Health, a website which is part of the Nemours Foundation’s Center for Children’s Health Media. The articles focus on the memory.

Coping with Memory Loss:


This is an article from the official website of the US Food and Drug Administration providing a comprehensive explanation about memory loss and its causes, preventions, and coping resources.

Reciting Raises Retention:


This is an article from the University of Alabama Center for Teaching and Learning explaining why recitation is essential for memory retention.

Memory Pretest How Effective Are the Techniques I Use to Learn and Remember?


A pretest provided by the Ohio University for their students to evaluate their study habits.

Visual Organization Sites:


This is a page with links to different Mind Mapping techniques.



A lecture provided by James Cook University on JCU Study Skills Online about note-taking and reviewing essentials.

Memory Tips and Test Taking Strategies:


A guide provided by Cuesta College on how to know and remember more, plus how-to tips when taking exams.

Mnemonics (Memory-Aiding Devices):


A page provided by the University of Victoria showing mnemonics samples. Many of these mnemonics can be used for school subjects.

Aerobic exercise bulks up hippocampus, improving memory in older adults:


This is an article by Katherine Harmon which explains the results of a study about the effects of aerobic exercise on the hippocampus.

Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief:


This is an article providing exercises and tips on how to relax and relieve the body and mind of stress.

6-minute catnap sharpens memory:


This is an article showing the results of a study done by German researchers about the effects of catnaps, especially on memory improvement.

How to Fall Asleep:


This article gives simple yet effective tips in order to get a good night’s sleep.

How to Improve Your Memory:


This is an article providing practical tips to improve the memory.

Natural Ways to Improve Memory:


This is an article promoting the needed nutrients and lifestyle changess to improve the memory and prevent memory loss.

Try these simple dietary changes to fuel your brain:


This is an article from The Daily Evergreen in Washington explaining the benefits of eating fish, sunflower seeds, eggs and quinoa for the brain, especially the improvement of the memory.

Concentrating While Studying:


This page is part of the Study Skills Series provided by the Study Guides and Strategies Website.

Fragrant Rosemary and Sage Boost Memory:


This article provides information about the content of rosemary and sage which helps improve how the memory functions.

How Fish oil Works:


This article gives a comprehensive explanation of the benefits of fish oil for our body and brains.

Improving Your Concentration:


This is a guide provided by the Kansas State University to help improve concentration skills, designed especially for students.